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Amélie Companion Book ?

Do any of you own Le Fabuleux Album d'Amélie Poulain? It appears to be a scrapbook-ish companion book item. Amazon.fr sells it, but I have no clue about any other sites. (I'm researching right now.) If anyone in the US or the UK owns a copy, I'd love to know how you went about getting it! It seems like a really worthwhile thing to have. :)

ETA: It seems it's sold on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk as well, but copies appear to be few. Amazon.de has it too. I'll keep looking and probably update this again!

ETA 2: Someone posted on Squidoo about having the book:

Le Fabuleux Album d'Amélie Poulain
This is a beautifully made French hardbound book. My sister got me a copy for Christmas. I can't read a word of it, but I love to look at all the pictures. The link with take you to Amazon in the USA (but there aren't any pictures available. If you go to Amazon.fr you can see more details.

ETA 3: Someone in Brussels owns a copy and has taken a photo of it.

ETA 4: Alibris.com lists several sites that sell the book with varying prices and states of use. The best-in-condition are more expensive but in IMO they would be worth the price.
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